Social Media Policy

Social Media Policies are a great tool that can be used to stay on brand in your social account postings. Policies can consist of Lightroom settings, HEX codes for colors, a specific style of photography, or even just a subject you post about. With my sororities social media account I manage we focus on highlighting our members, and what we do together. Our account has Lightroom settings that have whites turned up, along with a more heavy saturation. When it comes to our members, we ask they disclose what organization they are with, and post according to our standards written in our bylaws.

When looking for a social media policy for your brand/business, ask yourself what your company stands for, and what standard you expect your employees to obtain on their personal social media. Look for content that fits the messages that your brand conveys, while also providing helpful content. Look for settings that highlight what is in your pictures, and that don’t distract from them. When writing a policy for your employees, ask yourself what your company stands for, and what would keep you from hiring a potential employee when you saw their social media accounts. You can look for help writing your policy with this list:

Once you have completed writing your employee social media policy get your employees to review it, see what is realistic and achievable for them. Make your guidelines to where your employees can keep showing personality on their social media, you don’t them to feel restricted by their policy. The policy should just consist of needing to change a few habits.

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